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Happy Black Friday, my Careful and Responsible!

Welcome to the day that people spend money they don’t have, to buy things they don’t want, to
impress people they don’t like! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to saving your money!

I know many people wait all year for this day of savings, and some do so responsibly, but this is not the norm! Somehow in this time of economic struggle, folks are allowing themselves to be lured into wasting their hard earned money. I want to remind you that a lot of people are still recovering from one of the worst economic meltdowns in our nation’s history. With bankruptcies, foreclosures and unemployment still high, now is the best time to make sure we are being responsible and saving for a rainy day!

Now is the time to make a decision! We can either allow our impulse and the media to dig…

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My journey is unique because it is my own. Other's have lived my experiences, I simply made different choices. I used to run, now I run to. Relish in struggle, ignore negativity, seize opportunity, inspire everyone. "It is possible that men may live eternally on this world, if they seek it not in years but through their deeds and impact on the world"
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