Random Things that Annoy Me: Politics

To those who really know me, y’all will read this and say that I’m lying or that I relish in being annoyed. Following politics is something that I enjoy quite a bit. Mostly from a communications stand point, but over that last few years I have noticed a few things that have really begun to annoy me about politics. The best way I can explain what bothers me is to sub-categorize what grinds my gears specifically:

1. That because I’m black I have to support President Obama
First of all I would like to take this opportunity to get something off my chest. It is an incredibly ignorant assertion that because someone looks like me that I am required to support their ideas and approve of their leadership without question. Nothing gets under my skin more than black people who refer to other black people as “Uncle Toms” for criticizing President Obama. Politicians are civil servants, which means that their job is to work for the people. Therefore, if I personally believe he isn’t fulfilling his obligation to serve the people and I have educated myself to know what I’m talking about then I reserve the right granted by the First Amendment to say how I feel.

2. The belief that Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are for the “common man”
First off, they’re all wealthy and their self-preservation trumps their social responsibility. I don’t feel this way personally, but I have not seen much that proves otherwise.

This may be easy to believe at the surface. The reality…is a bit deeper. We feel this way mainly because of the Republican Party’s tone – a tone that they have had since 2006. But, when I step back and look at the opposing party’s strategies it appears to be more about how they appeal to the people. While I disagree with conservative ideology, the real problem is based on the fact that they are wielding “common sense” as some sort of super power. WHAT?!? It’s called common sense for a reason people.

Democrats take the strategy of using emotional rhetoric; they use a message that speaks to people as being more than numbers. Sure, it sounds great but when it comes to maintaining our government the reality is that we need balance…not numbers. With that said, I believe in choosing the lesser of two evils, because no leader is ever equipped to please a nation of independent thinkers. The problem is that there are far fewer of them than we are lead to believe.

3. We don’t know what’s really going on
Even though the House and Senate are broadcasted daily on CSPAN, our government is not transparent. That’s why political pundits get millions of dollars not to provide the news but their opinions on prime time television. We watch the ones that say what we want to hear because hearing non-partisan facts is boring. If I were wrong, Bill O’Reily and Chris Matthews wouldn’t get such a hard time from their criticism. O’Reily actually makes sense and habitually corrects his guests for their improper criticisms when necessary. Matthews is a hard ass, which confuses me a bit when those on the right criticize him because they often refer to the left as being soft and way too compromising.

Any who, I needed to get that off my chest. Feel free to comment and offer an opinion. I would love to know what you all think.p

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