Not a Way to Start the Football Season

So, Pre-season All-American Junior Defensive Back and arguably the most exciting player in college football last year, Tyrann “Honey Badger” Matheiu, was dismissed from LSU’s football team according to ESPN this afternoon. Apparently, his dismissal was due to a violation of team rules.

This isn’t his first strike, as he was suspended last season against Auburn for an undisclosed reason. It sucks for me as a fan to not be able to watch this guy do work this fall. But, at the same time I must applaud Les Miles and the LSU Tigers’ program for holding the talented young man accountable for whatever his actions were.

I hope Tyrann┬ácan rectify his situation and maybe make a return to the field this fall. More importantly I hope he and others learn from Matheiu’s mistakes. However, Les Miles is reported to have said he expects Matheiu to transfer to a NCAA-FCS school, which leads me to believe this was either a major violation.

Not the way I was hoping football season would start AGAIN!

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One Response to Not a Way to Start the Football Season

  1. It’s so disappointing to hear of great talent making poor, life changing choices.

    Go Dawgs!

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