Not So Well Known People to Admire: Dambisa Moyo

Dambisa Moyo is an incredible international economist, specializing in macroeconomics and global affairs. She is the author of three current New York Times Bestsellers “Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa”, ”How The West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly – And the Stark Choices Ahead” and ”Winner Take All: China’s Race for Resources and What It Means for the World”.

Ms. Moyo is certainly a remarkable individual and role model for young ladies. Born and raise in Zambia, she started her collegiate academic career with a BS in Chemistry and an MBA in Finance from American University, here in Washington, D.C. She then earned her Master of Public Administration from Harvard’s famed Kennedy School of Government. Moyo now holds a Doctorate (PhD) in Economics from St. Anthony’s College of the World renowned Oxford University.

Named to TIME Magazine’s world’s 100 most influential people list in 2009, Moyo stands like a fat kid at a marathon. Yea, she does stand out that much, so much that she was also featured in Oprah’s power list of 20 remarkable visionaries. As I remind myself that she completed her Doctorate in 2002, one can’t help to be impressed by her professional resume. She is well-respected by peers and international leaders alike. Moyo, a strong intelligent woman and sharp as machete, her actions as well as her accomplishments give women around the world plenty to be proud of.

Whether we agree or disagree with your stance on the topics she chooses to speak on or against, their is no questioning her intellect nor action towards what she believes her purpose is.

For the sake of putting a face, voice, and attitude with a name check out Dambisa Moyo in action;

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