Digaveli “A Breath of Fresh Air” featuring the “Love 4 Sale” Music Video

As I’ve gotten more exposure to the DC indie music scene, as a hip-hop head, I’m happy to say that I’ve found the breath of fresh air that I’ve been looking for. It just so happens that my most recent discovery, Digaveli, has a recently release mix tape titled just that, “A Breath of Fresh Air.” If your love for hip-hop is anything like mine, you will quickly find appreciation for the disenchanted lyricist. Digaveli spits with a fervor that suggest his influences are the true emcees from a time that seems long gone. Those that embodied  and real experiences and the lives of real people, rather than the facades too often portrayed on television screens and heard through radio speakers.

All in all, I’m not hear to dissect his lyrics, as I am not qualified as a fan lacking the skills to rival his work. Instead, I’m advocating for you all to discover him for yourself. Digaveli is yet another DC artist that excites me about the future of hip hop coming out of my hometown. Excited to hear hip hop music that is both clever and art. I look forward to observing your progression and enjoying your music Bro.

Download Digaveli’s “A Breath of Fresh Air” on DatPiff

Digaveli – Love 4 Sale Music Video

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