The Question

Some days ago someone asked me, “What do you want out of this?…….fame?”

My reply, the total opposite. I’m repulsed by fame. Me doing this does little to do with me at all. In fact I don’t care if people even remember my name. I just hope to inspire boys and girls to grow up with a broader view of the world by forcing them to burst the bubble that they live in. I want to develop their understanding of having a trapped body, but freed mind. I just want the world to know what I stand for and that even if one day I am able to influence great numbers, that I’ll continue to teach people to think for themselves. I want to teach children not to spend a lifetime looking for answers that can be found internally. In the end, I would be content if people at least have begun to rebuke judgement and welcome understanding. All people begin to seek knowledge in everyone’s odyssey. What I want out of this is to lead people toward new ways of thinking; I want to inspire people to be the change they seek in the world.

2Chainz says his penny loafers had nickels, well I had dimes in mines. I’ll never sell a dime, line, your story or mine. But, rest assured I’ll make sure anyone who shares their story with me, I’ll use this platform to make the light shine. I was born to do this, knowledge is power. Don’t follow me, take this journey with me

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About green8lego

My journey is unique because it is my own. Other's have lived my experiences, I simply made different choices. I used to run, now I run to. Relish in struggle, ignore negativity, seize opportunity, inspire everyone. "It is possible that men may live eternally on this world, if they seek it not in years but through their deeds and impact on the world"
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